Your landscape is worthy of being a work of art. Our company – SL Tree & Outdoor Services – provides professional bushing services.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is done for various reasons, including promoting tree health and vigor by removing diseased or dead ...

Storm Damage Removal

When a storm strikes, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Our storm damage cleanup services are here to provide you ....

Tree Removal

When it comes to removing trees safely and efficiently, our tree removal service is the solution you can trust.


We understand the importance of a fence not just as a boundary but as an extension of your home or business, adding both security and aesthetic value.

Retaining Walls

Our team of experienced professionals excels in designing and constructing retaining walls that not only serve their practical purpose but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Concrete Work

Our expertise covers a wide range of concrete projects, from residential driveways to commercial pathways, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal in every task we undertake.

Landscape and Hardscape

Our team of skilled professionals is adept at designing and executing a variety of landscaping and hardscaping projects, whether it’s a serene garden, a robust patio, or an elegant walkway.

Window Replacement and Installation

Our expert team offers seamless installation of various window types—including double-glazed, energy-saving, and custom-designed windows.